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iBright is the perfect solution for all those people who dream of a beautiful white smile.

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Dental treatments are very expensive, and can weaken the enamel, so it is worth reaching for an alternative that we will be completely satisfied with. iBright is a reliable way to whiten your teeth, and is available at a very favorable price, so you can actually fulfill your dream of a snow-white smile. In the iBright set there are fourteen ampoules, with which we can carry out a full seven-day treatment. In this way, you can notice significant teeth whitening. They have a lighter shade and become clearly whiter, so it is worth to take all of this into account and decide on proven solutions that we will be completely satisfied with. The smile becomes white, beautiful and radiant, so we are immediately happy with the results. After just five days of treatment, you can observe positive effects, with which you will be very satisfied. Many people dream about a beautiful smile, but they do not have enough funds or are afraid of a visit at a dentist’s office. At home, with the help of iBright, we can achieve desired effects. After a few days you can see the first results and you can look in the mirror without fear. In addition to high efficacy, iBright also stands out for its full safety of use, as it does not cause any side effects, which is of great importance. At the time of using iBright, we can get rid of bad discolorations, or sediments caused by coffee or other food that we eat on a daily basis. In addition, we can whiten our teeth by up to fourteen tones! And thus have such a white effect about which we care most. The set contains all things necessary for home teeth whitening, including LED lamp and a specially developed preparation. Now everyone can enjoy a beautiful, radiant and white smile.


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